Air Filter


1. Non-Woven Fabric with EPOXY Coated Iron Mesh

OEM air filter adopts paper material which has small filter pores and limited air intake. It cannot be cleaned and reused, and needs to be replaced frequently. The service life is about 10,000KM.

SIMOTA adopts high-density non-woven fabric with inner and outer double-layer epoxy iron mesh can effectively strengthen the overall structure. It effectively increases air flow and cause gasoline perfect combustion when engine operation to achieve environmental protection and fuel saving, reduce carbon deposits, and effectively extend engine life.

As well as increasing air intake, it can block external sand, gravel and dust while the vehicle is running, and effectively protect auto parts in the cylinder from damage. After testing, dust-proof rate is reach 96.9%

With SIMOTA dedicated air filter cleaner and oil kit, it can be reusable and cleanable. Compared with OEM air filter, SIMOTA can extend the overall service life to 30,000 ~ 50,000 KM.

2. EPDM Integrated Frame

Using one integrated form design strong the overall structure. Even withstand the extreme temperature won't deform or dent easily.

3. Increase 20% Filtration Area

Adopt 3D precision deep pleats technology to increase mesh depth. Increase 20% filtration area to enhance filter effect and airflow.

1. Improves overall filter effect to optimize throttle response
2. Reduce carbon deposits and prolong engine life
3. Increases airflow and cause gasoline perfect combustion to achieve economical and eco-friendly effect
4. With our air filter cleaner and oil kit can extended service life to 30,000 ~ 50,000 KM
5. Can adapt to extreme temperature -30°C ~ 150°C, not easily deform or dent

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